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Oil Coolers for Harley Davidson – Buyer’s Guide!

All engines heat up as they continue to combust fuel, the heat spreads gradually from the combustion chambers across the aluminum or iron block. To assure that the heat is managed within a limit of operational integrity, cooling systems are integrated with the engine. One of these cooling systems is the oil cooler.

Oil coolers are very basic systems; they include a serpentine tubing that coils within a fin system (radiator) that uses air to cool the oil passing within the tubes. Some oil coolers come with an additional fan to help the cooling when the bike is stationary, or when the engine is overheating.

This system is called a heat exchanger, and it means that the heat from the oil is sucked up into the fins through the tube, and the temperature of the oil is exchanged through rapid air cooling over the radiator fin surfaces.

Now enough of the mechanics 101, let’s take a look at the best air cooler for Harley Davidson applications.

List of Top-Rated Oil Coolers for Harley Davidson Comparison Table:

Product ImageProduct NameTypeModelsMore Information
1. Jagg Oil Coolers Horizontal Black 750-2500Jagg Oil Coolers Horizontal Black 750-2500Horizontal 10 Row Low Mount1991-2006More Information
2. Jagg Oil Coolers Deluxe 750-1000Jagg Oil Coolers Deluxe 750-1000Vertical 6 Row Deluxe1987-2018More Information
3. Jagg Oil Coolers Black 750-2400Jagg Oil Coolers Black 750-2400Horizontal 10 Row Low Mount2009-2016More Information
4. Jagg Oil Coolers Black 750-1290Jagg Oil Coolers Black 750-1290Horizontal 6 Row Low Mount2000-2017More Information
5. Demons Cycles Chrome Mini Oil Cooler Kit for Harley-DavidsonDemons Cycles Chrome Mini Oil Cooler Kit for Harley-DavidsonChrome Mini Oil Cooler KitAll YearsMore Information

The Oil Coolers for Harley Davidson Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

1. Jagg Oil Coolers Horizontal Black 750-2500

The Jagg Dyna 10-row Low Mount oil cooler system is a low-profile system. This system comes with a 10-row, double-pass oil tubing process that is optimized for the Twin-Cam engine and EVO’s.

This 10-row radiator delivers exceptional thermal transfer characteristics and gives you the best flow for the heat exchange ratio there is. It is placed conveniently beneath the voltage regulator behind the fender.

This kit comes with its own mounting bracket that is designed to sit as low as possible, while seated above the bottom of the frame. The kit comes with in-line turbulators that increase the cooler’s efficiency while minimizing the oil pressure loss.

The adapter is made from hard anodized billet aluminum, and the fins are made from aluminum construction. The finish is a durable gloss black powder coating. This model comes with a thermostatically-controlled offset oil filter adapter which provides easy access for installation and maintenance of the oil cooling system.


  • Billet Aluminum
  • Hard Anodized
  • Matt Black Finish
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • HyperFlow Technology for optimized flow and heat rejection


This is a low mounting unit for additional performance and delivers the exceptional look and feel with high-quality cooling effectivity.

2. Jagg Oil Coolers Deluxe 750-1000

This was Jagg’s first oil cooler model and is designed to fit Harley Davidson bikes and other applications that come with vertical frame tubes.

This model is spaced away when mounted using the Uralite mounts, onto the left frame down-tube, the design maximizes airflow to both the oil cooler and the engine block. The Uralite mounts are designed to absorb vibrations and shocks from everyday use.

The Deluxe Oil Cooler has a two-pass six-tube design that delivers three times more cooling surface than most of the competition. This design comes with inline tabulators that effectively reduce oil pressure loss or restriction.
The body is constructed from aluminum alloy fins that are hard anodized for a corrosion free performance, and the end caps are made from a billet machined aluminum. This original model mounts between the bike’s stock oil filter mount and the oil filter. It uses the Jagg HyperFlow Technology for delivering top-level performance.


  • Billet Aluminum
  • Hard Anodized
  • Matt Black Finish
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • HyperFlow Technology for optimized flow and heat rejection


The original Jagg HyperFlow oil cooling unit, and still one of the best on the market.

3. Jagg Oil Coolers Black 750-2400

The Jagg FLH 10-row low mount oil cooler system is another exceptional Jagg model that comes with all the attributes and technology of Jagg.

This is a low-profile model that mounts beneath the voltage regulator, hidden behind the fender. The 750-2400 comes with 10 horizontal rows, and the body is made from aluminum fins, hard anodized and finished with a black satin coating. This model is designed to integrate with all Twin Cam Cressers and Road King models and comes with extra Ultra model conformance.

As with all Jagg low mount models, this one sits just above the lower frame bracket, and deliver that low rider looks and feel. This model uses a single pass design, connected to the in-line turbulators for optimized cooling performance and minimizing the oil pressure loss or restriction.

The finish is a gloss black coating and comes with all the hardware necessary for an easy install.


  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • HyperFlow Technology
  • Gloss Black finish
  • Billet Machined Aluminum


With 10 rows and low mounting, you get an exceptional oil cooling result with great looks too. If you own any FLH model within 2009-2016, this is a must-have a part.

4. Jagg Oil Coolers Black 750-1290

This Jagg 6-row Low Mount Oil Cooler Kit comes with the standard high-quality components and performance of all the Jagg models. This specific design is made for the Twin-Cam Softail 2000-2017 applications and comes with all the hardware to make easy installation.

This model also comes with a riser plate that lifts the regulator, so you can install this at the bottom of the frame, in the lowest possible position available.

The double pass 6-row design delivers optimum cooling performance well beyond the competition and comes with the in-line regulators that assure a minimal oil pressure loss or restriction.

The sandwich designed radiator fins are made from billet aluminum machined and hard anodized with a black satin coating.

This model installs between the bike’s oil filter and stock oil filter mount and provides you with the Jagg HyperFlow Technology.

The reason why this model does not fit ABS Harleys is that the ABS module sits in the same mounting area, and as such, prohibits installation.


  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Does not Install on ABS
  • HyperFlow Technology
  • Satin Black finish
  • Billet Machined Aluminum

5. Demons Cycles Chrome Mini Oil Cooler Kit for Harley-Davidson

This is a very tight and compact oil cooling module, and it measures only 5” x 2” x 1”. As such, its one of the smallest oil coolers on the market today. To assure compliance with safety and performance, this model comes with a heavy duty mounting tab, four clamps, and four zip ties as well as two 16” hoses.

This is an aluminum fan model with a chromed copper tubing set into a very small frame.

The design is universal, so it fits most Harley Davidson models.


  • Compact Size
  • Universal Fit
  • Chrome Finish


This is the budget oil cooler for a quick fix and delivers great performance. It is not a “beauty” kit, so don’t expect any eye-popping characteristics, it’s a “replacement” item for budget-challenged riders, or riders seeking a very small and unobtrusive kit.

How to Add an Oil Cooler to Your Bike.

Changing an oil cooler is not hard the best oil cooler kits come with all the hardware required to perform a quick installation.

Here are the basic steps, that will differ based on each supplier’s specifications, and you should in all instances, install following the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  1. Drain the oil
  2. Disconnect and remove any wire harnesses.
  3. Remove the old system by unscrewing the lock on bolts, and disconnecting the oil hoses.
  4. Install the new one using the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  5. Inspect the installation parts, making sure all are secured with the correct torque.
  6. Reinstall the hoses to the oil line. You do this by sliding the hose clamps onto the hoses first, and then lubricate the inside of the hose using silicone gel. Now slide the hose onto the receiving nipple and close the clamps over the nipple and hose.
  7. Refill the bikes oil.
  8. Warm up the bike with an initial run, and check the oil temperatures.
  9. Turn off the bike and check the oil level, top it up to the right level.

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