How To Manually Move A Ford Power Seat

Is it possible to move a Ford power seat manually? The drawback to electric seats is that they normally require power to be adjusted. We have an alternative method in case you’re power seats are no longer working and need to be adjusted manually, read on.

We will follow simple steps to guide you through this process.

One thing that people may undermine in their cars is the comfort level of their seats. While it may look like a small thing, it affects how much you enjoy the ride. And being comfortable also reduces the chances of getting tired and causing accidents on the road.

Thus, to keep you, your loved ones and other road users safe, you should consider making your seat as comfortable as it can be. It is as essential as having a good engine and an efficient exhaust system.

It is easy to change speeds and get out of danger when you are well-seated. Where you feel cramped, getting to the pedals might prove difficult. Plus, you can end up feeling annoyed the whole trip, all because the seating is uncomfortable.

Having the ability to change the position of the seat is a plus in any car.

You will find that in most modern cars, there are power seats. They enable you to adjust the position of the chair to one where you can exercise total hand and feet coordination. However, over time, the power seat could fail for a lot of reasons.

For some people, this owes to a problem in the switch. For others, the entire system is not working. Where this happens, there is no reason why you should subject yourself to terrible driving experiences. With some DIY in play, you can move your seat as you wish.

You could always get a professional to deal with the system. Or you can have some fun by taking matters into your own hands.

How do Power Seats Work?

Power seats work using set switches. The switches are in the car, and they connect to the seat. They send power which operates the movement of the chair. You are thus able to control the movement of the seat as desired.

Where the switch does not work, you are unable to use these function. In some cases, you may find that the chair can only move in some directions, owing to a faulty switch.

How to Manually Move a Power Seat Ford F150

For this process, you will need the following tools: gloves, safety glasses, a screwdriver, a winder, scissors, a bolt cutter, and a drill. Having any of their equivalents will also aid in this step.

Now, before we get down to the heavy-lifting, there is one thing that you should consider. Suppose you have a unique winder, you can move the seat without much fuss. This winder is the one that comes with the vehicle, straight from the factory.

You can place this tool in the electric motor at the back of the chair or on the right hand. Then turn the winder left where you wish to move the chair forward. Or right where you want to move it backward. With this tool, you can forego these subsequent steps.

If you do not have it, get ready to have a cardio workout, and enjoy the outdoors. Here goes:

Remove the car seat

The first step involves getting the car seat out of the vehicle. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is pretty straightforward. You can achieve this by removing the entire chair. Or you could slice the rear open with a knife.

It is important to note that you should not start working on your car before taking out the batteries and turning off the engine. Thus, to avoid any incidents that could land you in the ER, be sure to do this first before working on anything.

With this out of the way, you will have an easy time following through with the other steps. You will also enjoy peace of mind as you work.

Slice the Spring Mesh

Once the seat is out, you will need to cut the spring mesh which is under the car seat. You can do this through the use of a bolt cutter. Once you do this, you will see the shafts which control the positioning of the car seat.

Now, here is another thing to note in this regard. When working on the slicing, it is easy to get carried away with the process. Many a time, people have ended up slicing other parts other than the spring mesh.

Take note that doing this will wreak havoc on your car and you may end up calling in a professional. So be sure to exercise caution and only work on the spring mesh. Where you are in doubt, it is always best to call in an expert.

Move the Shafts

At this point, provided that you cut the spring mesh as dictated in the above step, you can see the shafts. Thus, you can now work with them and position the chair as desired. Here, you will use pliers to access the pole.

Where you want to move the seat forward, you should turn the pole to the left. Where you wish to move the seat backward, you should turn the pole to the right. It will take a lot of turns to get the seat in the desired position, so be sure to exercise patience in this regard.

A good tip in this regard is to get something with which you can work for a while. Else, you will end up opening up the shafts again to reposition the seat. And this will cost you time and effort.
Note that this stage is a temporary fix for the underlying problem. At some point, you will have to consult an expert on this to get your power seat working again. And they will fix any issues that may come about owing to the cutting taking place in this DIY.


Now, position yourself on the seat and have a feel of the new settings. It will enable you to tell if you can comfortably drive in the said position. Where you feel that there is a need for a change, be sure to adjust the pole accordingly.

At this stage, you will be in a position to tell how many turns will work for the seat. In so doing, you will save a lot regarding energy and time.

Once you feel comfortable with the positioning, do go ahead and put the seat in its place. Follow through with reinstalling the batteries. You can then look forward to many comfortable trips in the future, devoid of back pains and headaches.

Your car is a significant investment, and it is only right that you treat it as such. Now that we have that part covered, let’s get down to the most frequently asked questions regarding power seats:


How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Power Seat?

As we said earlier, the DIY is a temporary fix to an underlying problem. You thus need to get an expert to help you deal with this problem from an early stage. The cost of repair will be about $350.

Though, this could be higher or lower, depending on the issue at hand. The labor costs range from $40 to $60. Again, this is dependent on the problem with your power seat. It is important to note that these estimates are devoid of taxes and fees.

Thus, you should factor these in before booking an appointment. It also helps to ask around as you may find a great deal in so doing.

What Was the First Car With Power Seats?

Power seats have been around for many decades, though in different forms. The earliest recorded form was in 1957, courtesy of the Ford Motor Company.

They did so by introducing the memory seat which was available in the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser and the Ford Thunderbird. Though the system in these chairs got dropped at a later date, it formed the basis of what we see today in power seats.

How to Jump a Power Seat Motor

When dealing with power seat problems, it is best to look for the source of the issue. The first thing you should do is to inspect the seat rails. Here, you can see if any objects are getting in the way of movement. A flashlight will help you in this regard. You may find that there is no need for DIY as you can get rid of the deterrent.

If this is not the problem, shift your focus to the fuse. It is likely to be the source of the problem, especially where both front power seats are unable to operate. If this does not seem to be the case, it is time to check the motor.

Start by turning off the engine, then turning on the ignition switch. If there is no sound coming from the motor, it is time to check for voltage. You can do this by using a test light.

And where this is not in existence, you should look into the wiring as there may be an open or short.

When it comes to how to move a power seat manually, this is what you need to know. And remember to get it fixed so that you can enjoy added convenience. Good luck!

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