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What Carburetors For 383 Stroker Are The Best?

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A Chevy 383 Stroker engine is a hybrid engine made using a 350 small block and adding a Chevy 400 crankshaft. This combination adds more air and stroke to your engine’s performance, and you get an increased stroke length from the stock 3.48” to 3.75”. This increased the displacement to 383 cubic inches, and this is why it’s known as a 383 and not a 350.

List of Top-Rated Carburetors for 383 Stroker Comparison Table:

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
1. A-Team Performance 1902RA-Team Performance 1902RMore Information
2. ALAVENTE 2 BARREL CarburetorALAVENTE 2 BARREL CarburetorMore Information
4. Rochester 2GC 2 Barrel Chevrolet EnginesPartol 2 Barrel Carburetor Carb for Chevrolet Chevy Small Block Engines 1970-1980, 350/5.7L 1970-1975 400/6.6L - Large BaseMore Information
5. A-Team Performance 155 Carb TYPE ROCHESTERA-Team Performance 155 Carb TYPE ROCHESTERMore Information

Essentially, the 383 is a modified 350 small block, as such, apart from the crankcase and components thereof, everything else is a 350 stock or aftermarket part.

The Carburetor for a 383 Stroker is a 350 carb., but you would either want a 650 cfm or even more powerful 750 cfm carb for improved performance. Consider that the larger carb will be used mainly for racing applications.

No lets mode one to the list of the top-rated carburetor for 383 Stroker small block engines.

The Best Carburetors for 383 Stroker Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

1. A-Team Performance 1902R

This is the A-Team Performance 1902R Remanufactured Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor 750 CFM


The A-Team Performance 1902R is a remanufactured 750 cfm carburetor designed for the small block Chevy 350 to 454 engines including the 383.

This model is a 4MV type and is made from cast zinc alloy components and designed to fit over the 383 Stroker models between 1974-1978.

The body is zinc die cast, and all the additional components are new.


  • 4MV Type
  • 7044 series (Buick)


This is a classic Buick remanufactured 4MV style 7044 carbs for 383 Stroker engine applications.


2. ALAVENTE 2 BARREL Carburetor

This is an aftermarket replacement part that is performance grade and made of a die-cast zinc alloy. This is a heavy duty model built in China under the Alavente trademark.

The engine fitment is for 350 and 400 small block engines including the 383 Stroker for 1970-1980 applications.
This is a new cast model, and all the components are new and assembled in-house. The oil channels need to be cleaned before assembly.


  • Zinc die-cast body
  • All new components


A classic remake of an old model now comes new from China and provides great performance in a rugged body.



This a remanufactured body with all new gaskets and seals and has been fully restored to original functionality. The body is a zinc die cast original design in line with a standard Rochester Quadrajet 4M category.


  • Zinc die-cast body
  • All new components
  • 4M style



4. Partol 2 Barrel Carburetor Carb for Chevrolet Chevy Small Block Engines 1970-1980, 350/5.7L 1970-1975 400/6.6L – Large Base

This is a 2 barrel carburetor that adds power to your performance and comes as a great aftermarket replacement part. This model is a newly manufactured component and is made in China using standard 2-barrel carb designs.

This model is designed to fit all 1970-1980 383 Stroker engines.


  • Zinc Die Cast
  • All new parts


A classic 2 barrel carb for all your 1970-1980 383 Stroker applications.


5. A-Team Performance 155 Carb TYPE ROCHESTER

This is a classic remake of the Rochester 155 2 barrel carb for 1970-1980 applications.

This is an all-new part made from die-cast zinc and all metallic components and necessary gaskets. The end product is an aftermarket carburetor for use on any 383 Stroker engine. This will improve performance.


  • Zinc die-cast body
  • All new metal components and gaskets
  • New build not a rebuild


This is another classic option for a good 2 barrel carb replacement.


How To Find A good 383 Stroker Carb?

Consider also that most carburetors for 383 Stroker engines will be refurbished, remanufactured components.

Rochester Quadrajet

The Quadrajet is a four-barrel carburetor, made by the Rochester Products Division of General Motors. This model was first used in 1965 on the Chevy 396ci engine, and its last use was the 1990 Oldsmobile 307 V8 engine.

You will notice in this review that most of the carbs are Rochester style, this means that these are either remanufactured, refurbished or brand new copies of the original Rochester design. All pre-1976 Rochester carbs including the Quadrajet were designated M4, M4C or M4V, and came with a seven-digit number and these started with 702 and 704 followed by a number such as 2, which stands for Quadrajet, and a 5 which were designated for California emission standards. After these digits followed the make, such as 4 for Buick, or 5 for Oldsmobile and so on. I won’t go into all the numbers, but you get the picture.

Post 1975 the designation changed to M4ME replacing the M4V and M4MC replacing the M4C. These were used for specific applications, for instance, the M4ME was used in 1985 to ’88 Dodge trucks with a 360 engine.

Later models were designated E4ME and E4MC; these are designed to communicate with the ECU’s of the modern computerized vehicle. I know that this explanation is a bit sparse, the reason being that this is a long subject with a lot of data to comprehend and I just wanted to give you a basic understanding of how complicated the carburetor aftermarket really is.

Quadrajet vs. Twin Carb.

Basic carburetors have only one venture (barrel), many carburetors two-barrel configurations and then there are the four-barrel configuration, or Quadrajet style, which are used for higher airflow and performance style applications.

The main difference between a two-barrel and four-barrel is the amount of airflow into the engine, as such the Quadrajet comes with two primary venturis (barrels) and two secondary barrels, both of which are smaller in size than the barrels of a twin carb, but when combined, these four barrels are capable of delivering 750 cu ft (21,000 l)/min (cfm) maximum.

A Chevy 383 outperforms a standard 350 on all counts. That is why a Quadrajet is the best carburetor for performance to add. The Rochester Quadrajet design will give your engine that much needed 750 cfm, and this, in turn, will boost your performance magnificently.

If you are already investing in a golden oldie, and you have a 1970’s 383 Stroker, I strongly urge you to consider a Quadrajet over a 2 barrel. I have presented you with the top rated of both categories, but taking a 750 cfm over a 650 cfm for the same price is, in my opinion, good maths.

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